Precise Mold Casting in Milan, Michigan

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Whether you need a prototype or the final product, Milan Cast Metal Corporation is able to make it in a timely manner. Our foam mold tooling capabilities are unmatched.

It’s vital that the casts are flawless so you’re products come out exactly how you want them. We use a time-tested technique to ensure the quality of each mold and cast.

ISO 9000 and 9001 Registered
ISO 9002 Compliant
Work to All Military Casting Standards
Proudly Serving Customers Nationwide

Who We Are

Create the perfect parts with Milan Cast Metal Corporation of Milan, Michigan. Since 1946, we have specialized in all stages of mold casting, from the design phase to the final project. We have never received a return because our work is of the highest caliber and we take care of any issue as soon as it arises. Customers love that we make everything to their exact specification.

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