Convenient Foam Mold Tooling

Bring your ideas to life with foam mold tooling from Milan Cast Metal Corporation of Milan, Michigan. We specialize in automotive seating, but we’re also able to make the tooling numeric and make molds for carriers and prototype castings.

We Handle All of the Processes

Have us handle all of the hard work. We take your cab designs and convert it into workable data, then we do the design work and approval, make the pattern, and start the machining process. Once the casting is made, it’s ready for the company to blow foam into.

Worker Pouring Molten Metal - Foam Mold

Turnaround Time

How long it takes to complete a project depends on how many changes are made along the way. On average, it takes about three weeks for a prototype tool, and six to eight weeks for a finished product. 

Contact us in Milan, Michigan, for more details on our custom foam mold tooling.